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Tammy's Story


hadn’t known of before.  Careful research and in depth studying led her to formulating recipes for many different ails and issues - ridding herself of emotional distress, migraines, arthritis and thyroid dysfunction.
Tammy continues to grow with new products that she creates on a regular basis.  These products aid with many different ailments involving babies, children, adults, and animals.  She also creates and formulates household products such as cleaners and air fresheners, which are made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.
She has improved her environment and quality of life tremendously through this method and way of living.  Tammy would like to extend this invitation to all of you, believing it can change your lifestyle too!  She is pleased to say that this has been a way of living for her now for 16 years.  She looks forward to knowing that  her products will help customers, and aid them in a healthier, more prosperous lifestyle!

Meet Tammy Cutcher, she just celebrated a 23 year milestone earlier this year.  She had been plagued all her life with seizures, putting limits on daily activities and normal everyday living.  Due to this, she did extensive research and elected to undergo a new experimental brain surgery.  Thankfully the surgery was successful, and she went from a dozen seizures a day to none.

While on the road to recovery after her surgery, she decided to see what was out there that could possibly get her off of the eight different medications she had been taking.  This led her to the discovery of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils; which completely opened up a whole new world she

Tammy at Essential Necessities LLC & The Rock Shop in Lapeer, MI.
Boo Boo Spray at Essential Necessities LLC & The Rock Shop in Lapeer, MI.
Natural Products at Essential Necessities LLC & The Rock Shop in Lapeer, MI.


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