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Tammy's Story



Her search led to the discovery of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils, a revelation that opened up a new world of possibilities. With diligent research and in-depth studying, Tammy formulated her own recipes to address various health issues, successfully alleviating emotional distress, migraines, arthritis, and thyroid dysfunction. This personal transformation inspired her to share her findings with others.

Today, Tammy continues to innovate, creating new products regularly. Her range now aids in addressing ailments in babies, children, adults, and animals, and includes household products like cleaners and air fresheners made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. Through this holistic approach, Tammy has significantly improved her own quality of life and environment, and she is eager to share this lifestyle change with you. Having lived this way for almost 30 years, Tammy is passionate about helping her customers lead healthier, more prosperous lives through her products.

Tammy Cutcher is now approaching an incredible milestone of almost 30 years. Her journey began with a life-long struggle with seizures, which significantly limited her daily activities and quality of life. This challenge led her to extensive research and the decision to undergo a groundbreaking experimental brain surgery. The surgery was a success, remarkably reducing her seizures from multiple instances a day to none.

The post-surgery period, however, presented Tammy with a new challenge: managing the side effects of the eight different medications she had been prescribed, part of a broader regimen that at one point included more than 24 different prescriptions for seizures, depression, and more. This experience motivated her to explore alternative avenues for healing and wellness.

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